We endeavour to post on this page all full Council minutes. These may in some cases be DRAFT. Copies of full minutes are available on application to the Clerk.


Minutes of Full Council Meetings 2017
Minutes January 2017 (Draft)

County Councillor Reports 2017
County Councillor Report – January 2017

Minutes of Full Council Meetings 2016
Minutes November 2016 (Draft)
Minutes September 2016 (Draft)
Minutes July 2016 (Draft)
Minutes June 2016 (Draft)

Minutes May 2016 (Draft)

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2016 (Draft)
Minutes March 2016 (Draft)

Minutes January 2016 (Draft)

County Councillor Reports
County Councillor – November 2016 Report
County Councillor – September 2016 Parish Report
County Councillor – July 2016 Parish Report

Minutes of Full Council Meetings 2015
Minutes November 2015 (Draft)
Minutes September 2015 (Draft)
Minutes July 2015 (Draft)
Minutes May 2015 (Draft)
Minutes Annual Parish Meeting May 2015 (Draft)
Minutes March 2015 (Draft)
Minutes January 2015 (Draft)

Minutes of Full Council Meetings 2014
Minutes November 2014 (Draft)
Minutes September 2014 (Draft)
Minutes July 2014 (Draft)
Minutes May 2014 (Draft)
Annual Parish Meeting May 2014 (Draft)
Minutes March 2014
Minutes January 2014

Minutes of Full Council Meetings 2013
Minutes 18th November 2013 (DRAFT)
Minutes 16th September 2013 (DRAFT)
Minutes 15th July 2013 (DRAFT)
Minutes 17th June 2013 (special)
Minutes 20th May 2013 (DRAFT)
Minutes 18th March 2013 (DRAFT)
Minutes 4th March 2013 (special)
Minutes 21st January 2013

Minutes of Full Council Meetings 2012
Minutes 19th November 2012
Minutes 17th September 2012
Minutes 16th July 2012
Minutes 21st May 2012
Annual Parish Meeting 21st May 2012 (Draft)
Minutes 12th March 2012
Minutes 13th February 2012
Minutes 16th January 2012
Minutes 9th January 2012

Minutes of Full Council Meetings 2011
Minutes 15th November 2011
Minutes 7th November 2011
Minutes 5th September 2011
Minutes 18th July2011
Minutes 16th May 2011
Annual Parish Meeting 16th May 2011