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Invitation to the ‘Battle’s Over’ Dedication & Remembrance Service – Sunday 11th November


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Police Newsletter – October 2018

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Temporary closure of Belsey Bridge Road in the Parish of Ditchingham – fibre cabling works by BT Openreach

NORFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL proposes to make a Temporary Traffic Order affecting the 1) C394 Belsey Bridge Road from its junction with U76315 Bakers Lane for a distance of 400 metres eastwards; and 2) U76315 Bakers Lane from its junction with C394 Belsey Bridge Road for a distance of 140 metres southwards;in the PARISH OF DITCHINGHAM because of fibre cabling works by BT Openreach.

The roads 1) and 2) will be temporarily closed (except for access) from 29th October 2018 to 2nd November 2018 for the duration of the works, expected to be 5 days within the period.

Alternative route is via: Belsey Bridge Road, Thwaite Road, Hollow Hill Road, B1332 Norwich Road, Church Lane.

(If necessary the restriction could run for a maximum period of 18 months from the date of the Order).

Penalty: £1000 maximum fine on conviction and/or endorsement for contravention.

In the event of the start date being delayed the new start date will be displayed on site in advance.

The person dealing with enquiries at Norfolk County Council is Adam Mayo (Community and Environmental Services) Telephone 0344 800 8020.

Dated this 12th day of October 2018



Abdus Choudhury

Practice Director
County Hall
Martineau Lane














Temporary closure of Fen Lane in the Parish of Ditchingham – BT works

Ditchingham STRO1856 Order




Road Traffic Regulation Act, 1984 Section 14(1)


ORDER prohibiting the use by vehicles of the U76318 Fen Lane from a distance 250 metres north of its junction with U76317 Pound Lane for a distance of 250 metres northwards in the PARISH OF DITCHINGHAM

  1. Save as provided in Article 2 of this Order and whereas the Norfolk County Council as Traffic Authority for the Administrative County of Norfolk is satisfied that:-
  • BT cabling works to restore a fault are required at the U76318 Fen Lane from a distance 250 metres north of its junction with U76317 Pound Lane for a distance of 250 metres northwards in the PARISH OF DITCHINGHAM (hereinafter referred to as the said road) and:


(ii)        that in consequence traffic over the said road should be prohibited with effect from 22nd October 2018 to 23rd October 2018 between the hours of 09:30 and 15:30 for the duration of the works expected to be about 12 hours within the period.


  1. Nothing in Article 1 of this Order shall make it unlawful for a vehicle which requires access, to proceed to a final destination situated within the length of road specified in Article 1 of this Order.


  1. This Order has a maximum duration of 18 months and will be revoked upon completion of the works. Where exceptional circumstances are encountered during the performance of the works specified in this Order the operational period of this Order may become extended to allow completion of the works after obtaining consent of the Secretary of State.


NOW THEREFORE the Norfolk County Council DO HEREBY ORDER, that with effect from 22nd October 2018 to 23rd October 2018 between the hours of 09:30 and 15:30 for the duration of the works the said road SHALL NOT BE USED by any class of vehicle.


Dated this 18th day of October 2018


Abdus Choudhury

Practice Director

County Hall

Martineau Lane




Sand Bags

Please note there are sandbags behind Ditchingham village hall for parishioners who may need them. Please the advise the Clerk if they run out on


Hempnal Crossroads

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Litterpick 2018 – We Need You!

The Local Plan – Have Your say!

Local Plan 2018

Storm Eleanor – January 2018

You may have seen that bad weather is on the way and we are likely to see high winds in some areas this evening through to tomorrow morning.

Our electricity network is built to be resilient but extreme weather can damage overhead power lines resulting in some customers losing their electricity supply.  Where this happens we work to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. We have organised for additional staff in our contact centre to help customers whose electricity supply might be affected by the predicted weather, and we have called-up additional engineers to carry out repairs to overhead lines and poles as soon as the wind reduces to a speed at which it is safe to work.

You will be able to find regular updates on our website and social media @UKPowerNetworks throughout this period.

Anyone experiencing a power cut should:

·         Call 105 to report power cuts and damage to the electricity network, or 0800 3163 105 (from a corded phone or mobile phone if you have no power)

·         Visit for the latest updates

·         Visit and type in their postcode to view our live power cut map

·         Tweet @ukpowernetworks to report a power cuts or to receive updates

We advise people to stay clear of power lines and report damaged power lines immediately by calling 105 free from both a landline or a mobile phone. If they see electricity lines that are down or causing significant risk to the public they should call 999.

We provide extra help to customers on our Priority Service Register during a power cut.  Households with older or disabled people, those with children under five, or where someone uses medical or mobility equipment that requires electricity as well as other reasons can join the register.  You can find out more information about our Priority Service on our website:

If you would like to share information about preparing for the storm or the priority service register on social media you might like to use the following:

@UKPowerNetworks has extra staff on hand 24/7 to deal with the impact of #stormEleanor

Call 105 to report a powercut and visit for the latest updates

Do you, or someone you know, need extra support during a power cut? @UKPowerNetworks provides free services to vulnerable customers. Visit for more information #stormEleanor

Preparing for a power cut

Below is some additional advice:

  • Add 105 to the contacts on your mobile phone
  • Keep our Freephone 0800 3163 105 number handy
  • See for useful videos and advice during a power cut.
  • Locate a torch, check it’s working and make sure you have spare batteries. Take care if using candles.
  • Charge up your mobile phone, and a rechargeable mobile ‘powerbank’ if you have one
  • Use a phone with a cord if you have one, cordless phones don’t work in a power cut
  • Keep fridges and freezers closed, with a blanket over as they will stay cold for many hours
  • Switch off all your electrical equipment, except one light which will let you know when the power comes back on
  • Remember the street lights may also be off so take care if you go out
  • Dress in warm clothes
  • Look out for vulnerable neighbours


I hope this information is helpful and please do share it with local residents and members of your community who would find it helpful.

Kind regards,

Veronika Karailieva
Community Affairs Officer

UK Power Networks

Norfolk Constabulary 2020 Police Structure Review

Norfolk’s Chief Constable announces new vision for future policing

Norfolk’s Chief Constable has announced plans to change the way policing is delivered in the county following the most extensive review in the force’s history.

Launched in 2015, the review called ‘Norfolk 2020’ looked to develop the best way in which the constabulary could deliver effective and efficient policing against unprecedented increases in complex crimes such as adult and child abuse, sexual offences and cyber-crime, while achieving £10m of savings before 2020.

The planned policing model will see:

  • Investment in detective resources (£1.1m: 31 FTE) and facilities to match increased demand (Safeguarding and Investigations Command)
  • Reduction in neighbourhood resources with removal of PCSO role (150 staff)
  • Increase in police officers (+81) and pro-active policing
  • Closure of 7 Public Enquiry Offices (front counter services) and 7 police stations

Chief Constable Simon Bailey said: “These are radical plans which come at a critical time when the police service is facing unparalleled growth in complex crime together with reduced policing budgets.

“I’ve always been clear that meeting this challenge would be a turning point for the police service and that we would have to change the way we work in order to meet rising demand.

“The plans announced today, I believe, will deliver the most responsive police service for Norfolk, meeting the needs of our communities while protecting the most vulnerable people in our society.

“We must also ensure that the constabulary continues to deliver against the Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan and national policing demands.

“This has been the most extensive review in the force’s history. Adapting our existing structure was not an option which has resulted in plans that include the removal of the PCSO role within neighbourhood policing, reduction of Public Enquiry Offices and police station closures.

“These are difficult decisions and I’m acutely aware of the impact this will have on individuals directly affected and the communities they serve. Change on this scale is challenging but my priority as ever is to make sure we continue to deliver a responsive, relevant and viable police service for the people of Norfolk.”


Investment in detective resources and facilities to match increase and demand (Safeguarding and Investigations Command)

Norfolk has seen unprecedented increases in complex crimes. These crimes are of a serious nature; rape, sexual offences, adult and child abuse, indecent images, drugs and serious violence as well as cyber-crime.

The force has already invested heavily in the Safeguarding and Investigations Command in a bid to meet demand and the 2020 proposed changes will see officers and staff increased in this area by 31 FTE (9 Officers and 22 Staff)

To further improve the way these crimes are investigated, Norfolk’s new policing model will see two new investigation centres built in the east and west of the county. The new centres, based in Broadland Gate and Swaffham area, are due to be opened during 2019, and will have the necessary equipment and facilities to investigate these crimes more efficiently and effectively.

Centralising detective resources in two key locations will enhance the force’s ability to respond to increasing demand, ensuring complex enquiries sit with the right staff and therefore free-up frontline officers to focus on local policing.

The new buildings will also provide a more efficient and cost effective solution in comparison to maintaining some of the force’s current estates.


Reduction in neighbourhood resources with removal of PCSO role

PCSOs have given outstanding service to communities in Norfolk since the role was introduced in 2002.

The force has reviewed everything that frontline officers and PCSOs can deliver, including their powers, duties, entitlements and the average annual cost of each, which is no longer significantly different.

PCSOs are not permitted to arrest, process or interview prisoners. The role also has limitations in respect of shift cover, use of police cars for pursuit or deployment to situations where there is likely to be confrontation.

Therefore, the force plans to remove all 150 PCSO roles, with formal staff consultation beginning today (Thursday 19 October).


Increase in police officers and pro-active policing

The removal of PCSOs contributes to £1.6m in savings (equivalent to 43 full time PCSOs) and means the force can increase frontline resources equating to 97 positions supporting frontline policing. These will be a mixture of officers (81) and staff (16).

These officers and staff would be deployed to neighbourhood and pro-active teams, enhancing the force’s ability to react to demand and offer pro-active policing.


Public Enquiry Office (front counter services) and police station closures

Changes are planned to the force’s estates, including a reduction in Public Enquiry Offices (PEOs).

During the review, assessments were carried out at all stations which offer front counter services into how frequently they were used by the public.

The proposal is to close seven out of the force’s ten PEOs. Stations affected are Dereham, Thetford, Cromer, Downham Market, Fakenham, Hunstanton and North Walsham. These stations will remain open as an operational base.

PEOs in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn will remain open. However, Bethel Street will be closed on Sundays to reflect the low usage highlighted in the review.

The proposals also include police station closures at Acle, Coltishall (storage), Caister, Bowthorpe, Tuckswood (specials), Europa Way (storage) and North Lynn.

Officers and staff currently based at police stations in Attleborough, Holt and Reepham will be re-located to share premises with Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service.

Staff currently based at Sprowston and Swaffham will be relocated into the new investigation centres.

In the future the force will also look to renovate or locally relocate Gorleston and Hurricane Way.

Full details: