News (November, 2013)

New from the Council (November 2013). Published in the Parishioner Magazine

Thwaite Road Play Area. As advertised in last month’s magazine Ditchingham children had reason to celebrate the official opening of new additions to their play area on Saturday 28th September. We extend a big thank you to a number of families, ably coordinated by Mrs Vanessa Doddington for providing a BBQ, refreshments and face painting, and also to our local village store who kindly provided the rolls and drinks. Again we would like to thank the main sponsor, WREN, represented at the opening by Mr Derek Blake for their generosity, and also the generosity of other sponsors that without their support, this valuable community facility would be wanting.

Also on the topic of the Play Area we want to thank those villagers that have offered their time to join a rota to ‘check’ the safety of the equipment (looking for loose boards, screws, splinters, broken glass etc). The Council always welcomes voluntary support, which can manifest itself in many forms. If you are interested in volunteering, in what ever form, and for what ever purpose (not just with the play area), or simply want more information, please contact the Clerk John Smith on [email protected] or telephone: 01986 892235.

Ditchingham Youth. Regular readers will be familiar with the Council’s strategic intent to engage the broader community in local affairs; we have had some success, and arguably, some false starts. We have previously thanked MAP (Mancroft Advice Project) funded through a short term South Norfolk initiative for their support earlier in the year, and the Council is now exploring alternative lines of enquiry with a view how (or perhaps if) this initiative could be advanced further. Nonetheless, to do so will likely require lots of time and commitment, so volunteers, as above? Please step forward!

Your Neighbourhood, Your Choice. This is an innovative approach being pioneered by a few local authorities… including South Norfolk in the promotion of the Localism agenda. Come along to your next neighbourhood board where you will get an opportunity to identify the services that you could help enhance in your area. This is a real opportunity for you to have a direct influence on where your money is spent in the community. The next meeting is being held Thursday 7th November, 19:00 at Broome Village Hall, Sun Road, Broome, Norfolk, NR35 2RW. Or if you want to know more contact your Locality Officer, Mikey Bentley on [email protected]

Yard Sale? Are you interested in organising a ‘yard sale’. Really this is a bit like a communal garage sale, hopefully involving a dozen (or more) families at the same time; in their ‘own back yard’. The Council would ‘sponsor’ the event, and provide a map (the idea is it’s bit like a ‘treasure’ map), but we need help to organise it. Interested? Please contact the Clerk, as above!

It’s not all good news. Unfortunately. Litter; remains a problem. Not only on the Dip and in the Play Area, but around the village generally. The Council already employs casual labour to collect litter around the centre of the village, but with a bit more care and thought, should this really be necessary? Take it home, even if its not yours! Dog Owners; dog pooh isn’t nice. If you are a dog owner, and are one of the small minority that seem not to understand that walking dogs on the Dip or in the Play Area isn’t really playing ball. Please think again!

November Meeting. At our next meeting we will be discussing our budget (and hence the demands on the precept), priorities for the Ditchingham Maltings s.106 monies, co-opting a new Councillor into the Casual Vacancy, update on recruiting the new Clerk. In other words, quite a bit will be happening.

Interested in the opportunity to be co-opted to the Council? Or to be Clerk? Its not too late (not quite). Please contact the retiring Clerk (as above), or the Chair, Julian Green [email protected] telephone 07958 694717 for an informal discussion.

The Council meets every two months – the next meeting is Monday 18th November 19:30 in the Village Hall. It is your Council. Please come to the meeting, help us shape the future of your community.

Julian Green
Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council

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