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New from the Council (April 2014). Published in the Parishioner Magazine

John Smith: It is our sad duty to tell you that John Smith, who recently retired as Parish Clerk after some 56 years, died on 3rd March 2014. Some of you will have known John well; others only as an acquaintance, but I am sure that you will want to know this news. John died peacefully at All Hallows Hospital, Ditchingham, after a few weeks of illness. Members of his family were with him. John was cremated on Thursday 13th March, this being a private occasion for the family only. At the date of writing I know that there will be a service to celebrate John’s life at Ditchingham Parish Church (St Mary’s) on Friday 28th March and I am sure that many of you will have attended. Our thoughts are with John’s family.

As the current Chair, I had known John for 14 years through the Council, and worked with him 7 years as Councillor, and 3 years as Chair. John had his own way of conducting business, a wry sense of humour, and was always a gentleman. Responding to any request, whatever its nature was never too much effort. While the standing joke between us was always ‘John’s been Clerk longer than Julian’s been on the planet’, I remain envious to this day of how he could pack so much energy and activity into his life. He will be sadly missed.

March Meeting: The March meeting was busy and with 3 items advised in advance for inclusion in the public session. Issues concerning the planning application for Lamberts Way and new signage for Belsey Bridge Conference Centre were discussed at some length, while unfortunately the agent from Ditchingham Estates was unable to attend to explain their fencing intentions on Broome Heath.

In the official meeting, a minutes silence was recorded in respect of John Smith, and aside from the usual administrative business, the Council was pleased to have received one application for consideration as a co-opted member. The Advisory Committees provided their reports which included updating the Council on: consultations over S106 monies; planning for the Big Litter Pick and safety on the B1332. Draft minutes are available in the post office or on the web site

Cooption of Councillor: The Council welcomed Brendan Bernard’s application. Unfortunately he was unable to attend the meeting on this occasion in order to introduce himself in person (as is our policy on co-option), the Council while minded in principle to support his application, deferred confirmation until the next meeting. There remains one further position on the Council; interested persons should contact the Clerk in the first instance.

S106: The process of identifying the beneficiaries for the S106 monies is continuing with a meeting scheduled for 29th April, while the copy date of this magazine is too late for advance notice of this meeting, any queries in respect of S106 should be directed to the Clerk.

Big Litter Pick: Following last year’s highly successful litter pick (Ditchingham won a prize!) South Norfolk are again promoting a pick this year and Ditchingham will be picking litter on Saturday 26th April. Equipment will be provided and we can always hope for terrific weather as we had last year. Please see elsewhere in this magazine for details. Your Council needs you!

B1332:The recent spate of accidents and road closures has prompted a number of residents to ask what is being done about traffic safety on the B1332. Safety issues on the B1332 are the responsibility of NCC with the police becoming involved where an offence, serious injury or fatality has occurred. We continue to engage with both NCC and the police. However, while we perceive these issues as a local priority, they have a lower priority in the context of a broader Norfolk canvas.

Litter Picker: We are pleased to announce that the village has a new litter picker! Marcus joins us from the end of March, and while previous arrangements have focussed on the centre of the village only, Marcus’s duties spread slightly further afield. Areas on his routes will be picked at least once every three weeks (some more often.) Remember, if you see litter, please help by picking it up.If you see fly-tipping please report it to South Norfolk Council on 0808 168 2999 or via

Dates of next meetings. Full Council – 19 May 2014 7.30pm; Planning & Highways – 14 April 2014 6pm if required. Please come along. Agendas can be found

Julian Green Chair,
Ditchingham Parish Council



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