Ditchingham News – June 2016

Ditchingham’s Automatic Electric Defibrillator (AED)
We are pleased to tell you that an automatic electric defibrillator (AED) is now available 24/7 outside The Stores, Loddon Road. Whilst we hope it is never needed, AEDs can be vital in saving lives in incidents of cardiac arrest. If the need arises don’t be afraid to use the defibrillator because there is no time to lose and these clever machines tell users exactly what to do. No-one can be harmed by the machine since it won’t work unless the patient needs it.

The cabinet can be opened using a code. If the shop is open the code can be obtained from staff; if not it can be obtained by dialling 999 and giving the location code (shown on the outside of the cabinet.)

We shall be offering some training, to be given by local volunteers, but details will not be ready in time for this issue of “The Parishioner.” Please look out for posters about training in the coming weeks.

Open Gardens and Scarecrow Festival
The Parish Council would like to thank the organisers, scarecrow makers and hard-working gardeners involved in the event. Lots of people enjoyed a walk around the village with the opportunity to visit to a variety of interesting and attractive gardens.

Hedges & Shrubs
Last month I commented on consideration. Continuing the ‘garden’ theme as above, we should note this is the time of year that hedges and shrubs grow profusely. This year, with the climate being wet and warm the amount of growth is considerable. If you do have a hedge that is encroaching on the footpath or otherwise hiding street signage, please give it a quick tidy. The birds that may have been nesting will have flown! Similarly a quick trim of grass verges outside your property helps keeps the village tidy.

Fly Tipping
Unfortunately there has been a reoccurrence of fly tipping in the lanes around the village. These lanes are key attractions for walkers that visit the area either using the Waveney Valley leisure facilities, or indeed the Belsey Bridge Conference Centre. Litter is a problem too, often whole bags of fast food left overs are discarded en-mass, these then split and become a big eye-sore!

If you are out walking for your own leisure, please consider taking an old carrier bag to collect the odd bit of litter left by others, we shouldn’t have to, but it helps. Fly tipping can be reported online at http://forms.south-norfolk.gov.uk/pub/FlyTipping.ofml or simply google ‘fly tipping south norfolk council’. It is a shame that a few can spoil the amenity for so many.

The next Parish Council article will be in the September issue of “The Parishioner.” In the meantime we hope there is a Summer and that you all enjoy it safely.

Keith Weston
Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council

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