Ditchingham News – October 2016

On Bank Holiday Monday some fifty people were given a brief lesson in the life-saving techniques of CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and to using a defibrillator. This was a “drop in” session and we are grateful to Alan Rudd, one of our local Community First Responder, and to two of his colleagues from the Ambulance Service, for providing the training. We also thank the residents who gave up a few minutes of their time to practise the techniques.

Important information The defibrillator outside the village shop is for ANYONE, trained or untrained, to use in an emergency. The code needed to open the cabinet can be obtained from shop staff or by dialling 999. The defibrillator can then be taken to where it is needed. Time is of the essence. The machine tells and shows users exactly what to do.

New Bench at Ditchingham
DPC has provided a bench on the footpath, which leaves the A143 just east of the Old New Bench Yarmouth Road. A pleasant walk takes you along this path, left up either of two tracks, across the Old Yarmouth Road and back across the Heath.

Keith Weston Chair
Ditchingham Parish Council


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