This page sets out our financial information. Our budget and out-turn. How we decided the precept; and how we spend it.


The Council voted at their November 2016 meeting  to decrease the precept by 23.1% for 2017-18. For historical reference, the precept over recent years has been:

DPC precept 2011-12 was £12,000
DPC precept 2012-13 set at £15,000 – increase over 11-12 of 25.0%
DPC precept 2013-14 set at £20,000 – increase over 12-13 of 33.3%
DPC precept 2014-15 set at £25,000 – increase over 13-14 of 25.0%
DPC precept 2015-16 set at £34,250 – increase over 14-15 of 27.0%
DPC precept 2016-17 set at £39,000 – increase over 15-16 of 13.9%
DPC precept 2017-18 set at £30,000 – decrease over 16-17 of 23.1%

Previous to 2011-12, the precept had been held at £12,000 for 4 years.

Charges Don’t go Down – Or do they?
Recently you will have received your annual Community Charge statement. Understandably some charges have had to go up (to make a small contribution to the care system, for example.) However, I expect you noticed that the precept being collected on behalf of Ditchingham Parish Council has gone down significantly.

This is to be welcomed but let me explain:
For many years, until about five years ago, the precept was unchanged. This meant the Council was limited in what it could provide; didn’t comply with up-to-date requirements; wasn’t properly insured and had very low reserves. The last one in the list meant there were insufficient funds for maintenance and for contingencies. The precept was raised, more dwellings were built (so more people paid the charge) and the financial picture was improved. Due to its good house-keeping, the Council now has healthy reserves – hence the reduced precept this year. Each November the Council will review it finances and set a fair precept that reflects the foreseen expenses and maintains healthy reserves. We don’t want the precept to “yo-yo” but, each April, we will levy the right amount for the needs of the parish.

Keith Weston
Ditchingham Parish Council Chair

Cost per Household
Overall in cash terms, and recognising the increased number of dwellings (now 623) the 17-18 precept has decreased by 23.1% a reduction of £65.66 per year.

The precept for 2017-18 at £30,000 equated to an average of £48.15 per band D household.

Clearly averages must be explained, the tax base on which the actual precept is calculated makes allowance for varying reliefs (e.g. for the least able to pay and empty properties) and for adjustments between Council tax bands… the effect being that the increase for properties in band A will be less and in band H more.

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