Full Council Meetings

Full Council meetings are held bi-monthly starting in January and the agenda is published three days before the meeting on the noticeboard near the village shop and on this website. To view click: Meeting Dates or Agendas

Planning and Highways Meetings

The Planning and Highways Committee is constituted to consider and respond on behalf of the Council to all matters relating to applications for planning permission and highway matters referred to Ditchingham Parish Council by local planning authorities, other agencies or the public generally.

The Committee only meets when a decision is required between full Parish Council meetings and is outside their Planning policy criteria and the agenda is published three days before the meeting. To view click: Meeting Dates or Agendas

Therefore the full planning history is reflected by combining the Planning and Highway Minutes with the full Parish Council Minutes.

Clerk’s Delegated Function (Section 101, Local Government Act 72)
Ditchingham Parish Council has delegated the function of responding to planning applications to the Council’s Clerk.

Meetings Minutes

Below are the full Council and the Planning and Highways Committee draft minutes – click the document title to view.

Full Council Minutes 2020

Minutes January 2020 (Draft)
Minutes March 2020 (Draft)

Minutes Extraordinary Meeting – May 2020 (Draft)
Minutes May 2020 (Draft)

District Councillor Reports 2020

January 2020
May 2020

County Councillor Reports 2020

May 2020

Full Council Minutes 2019

Minutes January 2019 (Draft)
Finance and Resources Advisory Meeting Minutes (Draft)- February 2019
Minutes March 2019 (Draft)
APM Minutes May 2019 (Draft)
AGM Minutes May 2019 (Draft)
Minutes July 2019 (Draft)
Minutes September 2019 (Draft)
Minutes November 2019 (Draft)

District Councillor Reports 2019

November 2019
September 2019

County Councillor Reports 2019

County Councillor Annual Report 2018-19
County Councillor Parish Reports ~ March 2019
New Parish Reports May 2019
Parish Report July 2019

Parish Report – September 2019

Full Council Minutes 2018

Minutes November 2018 (Draft)
Minutes September 2018 (Draft)
Planning Meeting Minutes July 2018 (Draft)
Minutes July 2018 (Draft)
Minutes APM May 2018 (Draft)
Minutes AGM May 2018 (Draft)
Minutes March 2018 (Draft)
Planning Meeting Minutes February 2018 (Draft)
Minutes January 2018 (Draft)

Planning & Highways Committee Minutes

PH Minutes – July 2018
PH Minutes – February 2018

County Councillor Reports 2018

County Councillor Report – September 2018
County Councillor Report – July 2018
County Councillor Report – May 2018
County Councillor Report – March 2018
County Councillor Report – January 2018

Full Council Minutes 2017

Minutes November 2017 (Draft)
Minutes September 2017 (Draft)
Minutes July 2017 (Draft)
Minutes May 2017 (Draft)
Annual Parish Meeting Minutes May 2017 (Draft)
Minutes March 2017 (Draft)
Minutes January 2017 (Draft)

County Councillor Reports 2017

County Councillor Report – September 2017
County Councillor Report – July 2017
County Councillor Report – May 2017
County Councillor Report – March 2017
County Councillor Report – January 2017

Full Council Minutes 2016

Minutes November 2016 (Draft)
Minutes September 2016 (Draft)
Minutes July 2016 (Draft)
Minutes June 2016 (Draft)

Minutes May 2016 (Draft)

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2016 (Draft)
Minutes March 2016 (Draft)

Minutes January 2016 (Draft)

County Councillor Reports 2016

County Councillor Report – November 2016
County Councillor Report – September 2016

County Councillor Report – July 2016

Full Council Minutes 2015

Minutes November 2015 (Draft)
Minutes September 2015 (Draft)
Minutes July 2015 (Draft)
Minutes May 2015 (Draft)
Minutes Annual Parish Meeting May 2015 (Draft)
Minutes March 2015 (Draft)
Minutes January 2015 (Draft)

Planning & Highways Committee Minutes

PH Minutes – March 2015
PH Minutes – January 2015

Full Council Minutes 2014

Minutes November 2014 (Draft)
Minutes September 2014 (Draft)
Minutes July 2014 (Draft)
Minutes May 2014 (Draft)
Annual Parish Meeting May 2014 (Draft)
Minutes March 2014
Minutes January 2014

Planning & Highways Committee Minutes

PH Minutes 15 December 2014
PH  Minutes 26 February 2014
PH_Advisory January 2014

Full Council Minutes 2013

These older documents are not in a format to be read aloud, please advise the Clerk on [email protected] if you would like any help regarding these documents.

Minutes 18th November 2013 (DRAFT)
Minutes 16th September 2013 (DRAFT)

Minutes 15th July 2013 (DRAFT)
Minutes 17th June 2013 (special)
Minutes 20th May 2013 (DRAFT)
Minutes 18th March 2013 (DRAFT)
Minutes 4th March 2013 (special)
Minutes 21st January 2013

Planning & Highways Committee Minutes

PH_Advisory September(a) 2013
PH_Minutes 16th September 2013
PH_Minutes 29 July 2013
PH_Advisory June(a) 2013
PH_Minutes 8th April 2013
PH_Minutes 18th March 2013

Full Council Minutes 2012

Minutes 19th November 2012
Minutes 17th September 2012
Minutes 16th July 2012
Minutes 21st May 2012
Annual Parish Meeting 21st May 2012 (Draft)
Minutes 12th March 2012
Minutes 13th February 2012
Minutes 16th January 2012
Minutes 9th January 2012

Full Council Minutes 2011

Minutes 15th November 2011
Minutes 7th November 2011
Minutes 5th September 2011
Minutes 18th July 2011
Minutes 16th May 2011
Annual Parish Meeting 16th May 2011