Planning & Highways

Minutes of the Planning & Highways sub committee are posted here. The Planning and Highways sub committee is constituted to consider and respond on behalf of the Council to all matters relating to applications for planning permission and highway matters referred to Ditchingham Parish Council by local planning authorities, other agencies or the public generally. Its ToR require that it considers (i) the advice of the Planning and Highways Advisory Committee; and (ii) that it refers upward to full Council for decision on significant, substantial, contentious, or strategic applications or issues.

Planning and Highways Minutes

The Planing and Highways sub Committee meets when a decision is required between full Parish Council meetings. Therefore the full planning history is reflected by combining the Planning and Highway Minutes with the full Parish Council Minutes.

Planning & Highways Meetings
5th January 2015

Planning & Highways sub Committee Minutes (2014-15)
PH Minutes – March 2015
PH Minutes – January 2015

Planning & Highways sub Committee Minutes (2013-14)
PH Minutes 15 December 2014
PH  Minutes 26 February 2014
PH_Advisory January 2014
PH_Advisory September(a) 2013
PH_Minutes 16th September 2013
PH_Minutes 29 July 2013
PH_Advisory June(a) 2013
PH_Minutes 8th April 2013

Planning & Highways sub Committee Minutes (2012-13)
PH_Minutes 18th March 2013