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We post here an extract of the Council’s editorial from the Parishioner Magazine. A good way to keep informed with ‘What’s Happening’!

News (June 2014)

New from the Council (June 2014). Published in the Parishioner Magazine

Thank you to all people that dont drop litter.
Thank you to the volunteers (fewer this year) who turned up for the Big Litter Pick on Saturday 26th April. Along with other South Norfolk communities we spent the morning clearing up mess left by people who think its OK to leave rubbish in the roads and verges. Some 20 bags of litter were collected as well as car tyres, carpet, a bucket of fishing bait and a fridge. Thanks to the litter pickers, and to Councillor Gill Ogden who organised us.

Julian Green Chair,
Ditchingham Parish Council

News (May 2014)

New from the Council (May 2014). Published in the Parishioner Magazine

Advance notice! On 19th May two annual meetings will be held at the Village Hall. Please come if you can. At 7.30pm the Annual Parish Meeting will be held (immediately prior to our next full Council meeting). This is a different meeting to the Council meeting. Here are some answers to questions you might have:

  • What is the purpose of the Annual Parish Meeting? To allow registered electors to discuss parish affairs and to pass resolutions thereon. This meeting is also an opportunity for the Parish Council and community group leaders to explain their activities over the last year… so this note is perhaps a reminder for those leaders to contribute; please call the Clerk!
  • Who can attend the meeting? And can I speak? Anyone may attend but only registered electors in the parish may speak and vote.
  • Who will chair the meeting? The Chairman of the Parish Council is obliged to chair the meeting if present. In his absence the vice chairman must preside if present. If neither is able to attend, then the meeting will elect a chairman from those electors present.
  • Will Parish Councillors be there? Although there is no compulsion, Councillors normally attend; they will speak if required, but the purpose of the meeting is to enable the ordinary electors to have their say.
  • Will notes be taken of the meeting? A written record of the meeting will be taken by the Parish Clerk to keep in a special book. The rules on the signature and admissibility of minutes are the same as those for Parish Council meetings.
  • How long will the meeting last?  As long as need be within reason; previously meetings in Ditchingham have lasted about 30 minutes… it really depends on those present and the number of questions and the discussions that are raised.
  • Will the Press be there? If they choose! The rules for press admission are the same as any Council meeting.

The Annual Parish Council Meeting: will follow immediately after the close of the Annual Parish meeting. This also is a special meeting, when contrasted with the other five Council meetings in the year. At the annual meeting the Council: elects the chairman and the vice chairman; makes other annual appointments [to committees and advisory working parties] and makes resolutions on other business matters such as insurances, risk management policies, etc.

Co-option of a new Councillor If you are over 18 and live locally, the opportunity to be co-opted as a Councillor remains. If you are interested please contact the Clerk, Sally Chapman. We will be discussing these issues at the May meeting.

Clerk: If you have any questions or concerns about ‘local issues’ please feel free to contact the Clerk, Sally Chapman on Tel: 07774 734411. Email: [email protected]. Please use the voice message service clearly stating your name; phone number; and the purpose of your enquiry. We will return your call. We are here to help. And even if we are unable to help you directly, we can try and point you in the right direction!

Julian Green Chair,
Ditchingham Parish Council

News (April 2014)

New from the Council (April 2014). Published in the Parishioner Magazine

John Smith: It is our sad duty to tell you that John Smith, who recently retired as Parish Clerk after some 56 years, died on 3rd March 2014. Some of you will have known John well; others only as an acquaintance, but I am sure that you will want to know this news. John died peacefully at All Hallows Hospital, Ditchingham, after a few weeks of illness. Members of his family were with him. John was cremated on Thursday 13th March, this being a private occasion for the family only. At the date of writing I know that there will be a service to celebrate John’s life at Ditchingham Parish Church (St Mary’s) on Friday 28th March and I am sure that many of you will have attended. Our thoughts are with John’s family.

As the current Chair, I had known John for 14 years through the Council, and worked with him 7 years as Councillor, and 3 years as Chair. John had his own way of conducting business, a wry sense of humour, and was always a gentleman. Responding to any request, whatever its nature was never too much effort. While the standing joke between us was always ‘John’s been Clerk longer than Julian’s been on the planet’, I remain envious to this day of how he could pack so much energy and activity into his life. He will be sadly missed.

March Meeting: The March meeting was busy and with 3 items advised in advance for inclusion in the public session. Issues concerning the planning application for Lamberts Way and new signage for Belsey Bridge Conference Centre were discussed at some length, while unfortunately the agent from Ditchingham Estates was unable to attend to explain their fencing intentions on Broome Heath.

In the official meeting, a minutes silence was recorded in respect of John Smith, and aside from the usual administrative business, the Council was pleased to have received one application for consideration as a co-opted member. The Advisory Committees provided their reports which included updating the Council on: consultations over S106 monies; planning for the Big Litter Pick and safety on the B1332. Draft minutes are available in the post office or on the web site https://ditchinghampc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk/category/meetings/minutes/

Cooption of Councillor: The Council welcomed Brendan Bernard’s application. Unfortunately he was unable to attend the meeting on this occasion in order to introduce himself in person (as is our policy on co-option), the Council while minded in principle to support his application, deferred confirmation until the next meeting. There remains one further position on the Council; interested persons should contact the Clerk in the first instance.

S106: The process of identifying the beneficiaries for the S106 monies is continuing with a meeting scheduled for 29th April, while the copy date of this magazine is too late for advance notice of this meeting, any queries in respect of S106 should be directed to the Clerk.

Big Litter Pick: Following last year’s highly successful litter pick (Ditchingham won a prize!) South Norfolk are again promoting a pick this year and Ditchingham will be picking litter on Saturday 26th April. Equipment will be provided and we can always hope for terrific weather as we had last year. Please see elsewhere in this magazine for details. Your Council needs you!

B1332:The recent spate of accidents and road closures has prompted a number of residents to ask what is being done about traffic safety on the B1332. Safety issues on the B1332 are the responsibility of NCC with the police becoming involved where an offence, serious injury or fatality has occurred. We continue to engage with both NCC and the police. However, while we perceive these issues as a local priority, they have a lower priority in the context of a broader Norfolk canvas.

Litter Picker: We are pleased to announce that the village has a new litter picker! Marcus joins us from the end of March, and while previous arrangements have focussed on the centre of the village only, Marcus’s duties spread slightly further afield. Areas on his routes will be picked at least once every three weeks (some more often.) Remember, if you see litter, please help by picking it up.If you see fly-tipping please report it to South Norfolk Council on 0808 168 2999 or via http://forms.south-norfolk.gov.uk/pub/FlyTipping.ofml

Dates of next meetings. Full Council – 19 May 2014 7.30pm; Planning & Highways – 14 April 2014 6pm if required. Please come along. Agendas can be found https://ditchinghampc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk/category/meetings/agendas/

Julian Green Chair,
Ditchingham Parish Council



News (March 2014)

New from the Council (March 2014). Published in the Parishioner Magazine

January Meeting. This commenced with Parishioner Question Time where Sally Chapman the new Clerk introduced herself and was followed by a presentation from Emmaus Norwich given by Ronagh Witthames and Cathy Hembry who gave the Council and visitors an interesting and informative talk about their future plans for some of the disused buildings at All Hallows in Ditchingham and how the development would help vulnerable and homeless people and that their building alteration plans had been submitted to South Norfolk Council. No questions were asked. The remainder of the evening comprised the formal meeting and concerned mainly administrative matters. Draft minutes are available in the post office or on the web site https://ditchinghampc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk/files/2014/02/Draft-Minutes-January-2014.pdf

Parish Council Clerk. Correction. The January update in the Parishioner magazine included an incorrect email address for Sally. Her correct details are:

19 Gawdy Close, Harleston, Norfolk, IP20 9ET
Email: [email protected]       Tel: 07774 734411

The telephone number is that of a dedicated mobile which will be held by a Councillor when the Clerk is absent, or on holiday etc. If your call cannot be answered, please leave a message; you WILL get a response.

Councillor Vacancies.  As obliged by law the “proper notice” (of vacancy) has been displayed and no electors requested an election. The Council therefore has the option to co-opt new CouncillorsIf you are interested in filling one of the vacancies (or just want to find out more) please contact the Clerk (see above) or the Chair, Julian Green. Contact details of all Councillors are displayed on the Council notice board and on the web site https://ditchinghampc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk

Work Opportunity.  As at date of writing this copy the vacancy for someone to pickup litter in the village and to do occasional extra handyperson tasks remains open. In brief we are offering 2 ½ hours per week at £6.31 (minimum wage) subject to HMRC deductions. Litter picking will be according to routes which will be agreed from time to time. To express an interest in this work please contact the Clerk, initially.

Section 106 Grant.  In our January meeting we discussed at length the process that the Council would adopt to ensure that S106 monies are fairly distributed. If you represent a local organisation or have an idea how these monies could be used (for a capital type project) please contact the Clerk. The Council will be consulting widely in the next few months. Watch this space!

Litter!  Sadly litter in the village remains a problem. Readers will be aware that we are advertising a work opportunity that includes litter picking. But should this really be necessary? Litter in the village is largely created by local carelessness, for example by over filling the bins, or when South Norfolk fill the dust carts, or simply local people not thinking? If you see it, please pick it up, even if it’s not yours. But there are other sources too, drivers on the B1332 and A143 wantingly discarding rubbish as they drive through (this is the responsibility of South Norfolk to clean up), and also perhaps of our younger people. One of our Councillors collected a wheelbarrow of glass bottles from the Dip last week.

Julian Green Chair,
Ditchingham Parish Council

News (February 2014)

New from the Council (February 2014). Published in the Parishioner Magazine

Parish Council Clerk. As many of you know John Smith retired from this post at the end of December after 56 years of duty. Councillors, past and present, and the whole community are deeply appreciative of the conscientious service John provided over all those years; nothing was too much trouble if parishioners needed the Clerk’s help. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, John is very poorly and a small reception, at which we would have expressed our thanks, could not be held. On behalf of the village, we send our thanks and best wishes to John Smith.

We are pleased to announce that a new Clerk has been appointed; we welcome Mrs Sally Chapman to the role.

Sally’s contact details are:

19 Gawdy Close, Harleston, Norfolk, IP20 9ET

Email: [email protected]       Tel: 07774 734411

The telephone number is that of a dedicated mobile which will be held by a Councillor when the Clerk is absent, or on holiday etc. If your call cannot be answered, please leave a message; you WILL get a response.

CouncillorVacancies. Councillors Martin and Maureen Ankrett have resigned; we thank them for their many years of service for the community. The “proper notice” (of vacancy) has been displayed; there will not be an election unless ten, or more, electors write to the Electoral Officer to request one. If there is no election the Council may co-opt new Councillors. If you are interested in filling one of the vacancies (or just want to find out more) please contact the Clerk (see above) or the Chair, Julian Green. Contact details of all Councillors are displayed on the notice board in the Post Office garden. 

Traffic Matters.  With the new wall having been built at the junction of Pirnough Street and Ditchingham Dam, we have asked Norfolk County Council (NCC) to check out lines of sight and general safety. We have received assurances that the junction is safe.We alsoasked Suffolk County Council if they had considered the effects of the Bungay road closures on Ditchingham’s roads. They believe their diversions are appropriate and they have liaised with NCC.

Work Opportunity. The Council has a vacancy for someone to pick up litter in the village and to do occasional extra “handyman” duties (or should that be “handy person”?) In brief we are offering 2 ½ hours per week at £6.31 (minimum wage) subject to HMRC deductions. Litter picking will be according to routes which will be agreed from time to time. DPC will provide hi-vizclothing and the necessary equipment. To express an interest in this work please contact the Clerk, initially.

Section 106 Grant.  As previously mentioned in the magazine, the community will receive funds due to the development of The Maltings. We have already collected some suggestions for spending and during 2014 we shall continue to consult. If readers have any fresh ideas on how to improve the village please get in touch with any Councillor or the Clerk.

Keith Weston
Vice Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council


News (November, 2013)

New from the Council (November 2013). Published in the Parishioner Magazine

Thwaite Road Play Area. As advertised in last month’s magazine Ditchingham children had reason to celebrate the official opening of new additions to their play area on Saturday 28th September. We extend a big thank you to a number of families, ably coordinated by Mrs Vanessa Doddington for providing a BBQ, refreshments and face painting, and also to our local village store who kindly provided the rolls and drinks. Again we would like to thank the main sponsor, WREN, represented at the opening by Mr Derek Blake for their generosity, and also the generosity of other sponsors that without their support, this valuable community facility would be wanting.

Also on the topic of the Play Area we want to thank those villagers that have offered their time to join a rota to ‘check’ the safety of the equipment (looking for loose boards, screws, splinters, broken glass etc). The Council always welcomes voluntary support, which can manifest itself in many forms. If you are interested in volunteering, in what ever form, and for what ever purpose (not just with the play area), or simply want more information, please contact the Clerk John Smith on [email protected] or telephone: 01986 892235.

Ditchingham Youth. Regular readers will be familiar with the Council’s strategic intent to engage the broader community in local affairs; we have had some success, and arguably, some false starts. We have previously thanked MAP (Mancroft Advice Project) funded through a short term South Norfolk initiative for their support earlier in the year, and the Council is now exploring alternative lines of enquiry with a view how (or perhaps if) this initiative could be advanced further. Nonetheless, to do so will likely require lots of time and commitment, so volunteers, as above? Please step forward!

Your Neighbourhood, Your Choice. This is an innovative approach being pioneered by a few local authorities… including South Norfolk in the promotion of the Localism agenda. Come along to your next neighbourhood board where you will get an opportunity to identify the services that you could help enhance in your area. This is a real opportunity for you to have a direct influence on where your money is spent in the community. The next meeting is being held Thursday 7th November, 19:00 at Broome Village Hall, Sun Road, Broome, Norfolk, NR35 2RW. Or if you want to know more contact your Locality Officer, Mikey Bentley on [email protected]

Yard Sale? Are you interested in organising a ‘yard sale’. Really this is a bit like a communal garage sale, hopefully involving a dozen (or more) families at the same time; in their ‘own back yard’. The Council would ‘sponsor’ the event, and provide a map (the idea is it’s bit like a ‘treasure’ map), but we need help to organise it. Interested? Please contact the Clerk, as above!

It’s not all good news. Unfortunately. Litter; remains a problem. Not only on the Dip and in the Play Area, but around the village generally. The Council already employs casual labour to collect litter around the centre of the village, but with a bit more care and thought, should this really be necessary? Take it home, even if its not yours! Dog Owners; dog pooh isn’t nice. If you are a dog owner, and are one of the small minority that seem not to understand that walking dogs on the Dip or in the Play Area isn’t really playing ball. Please think again!

November Meeting. At our next meeting we will be discussing our budget (and hence the demands on the precept), priorities for the Ditchingham Maltings s.106 monies, co-opting a new Councillor into the Casual Vacancy, update on recruiting the new Clerk. In other words, quite a bit will be happening.

Interested in the opportunity to be co-opted to the Council? Or to be Clerk? Its not too late (not quite). Please contact the retiring Clerk (as above), or the Chair, Julian Green [email protected] telephone 07958 694717 for an informal discussion.

The Council meets every two months – the next meeting is Monday 18th November 19:30 in the Village Hall. It is your Council. Please come to the meeting, help us shape the future of your community.

Julian Green
Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council

News (October, 2013)

New from the Council (October 2013). Published in the Parishioner Magazine

Unusually I have the opportunity to write this article in the same month as the Parishioner magazine is published, so hopefully it will be easier to connect with the events that are reported.

The Council meeting in September saw a significant amount of business conducted; not least that the Council formally accepted the resignation of John Smith as Clerk and recorded a vote of thanks for his 54 years service and wished him well in his retirement! It is hoped that the Council will host a farewell event recognising his tenure; the event may include other seasonal festivities. Please look out for more details in November’s magazine! The Council is advertising for a new Clerk, please follow these links for details of the advert (as published in the Parishioner Magazine) and the full Job Description.

The Council also recorded a vote of thanks to Frank James, who has left the Council.  Frank was a Councillor for many years, and is a former Chair. With not more than 10 persons informing the returning officer that they wished for an election, and with no other responses to notice of the Casual Vacancy, the Council will seek to co-opt a new member for the remaining term.

Other business included adopting new policies in respect of Financial Regulations, Risk Management Implementation, and Health and Safety working practices and other employee matters. While it may seem onerous for a small council such as ours to be burdened by the likes of these policies, they are statutory requirements and we must operate in accordance with the law. The Council was also updated with regard to revised Insurance arrangements and the steps that the Council are taking to ensure that the new equipment and the surrounds in the Dip and the Play Area are kept safe.

Reports from the Council’s three committee chairs included: Confirmation that work on the Play Area is complete, with thanks to those responsible for the project’s success. News that the Official Opening, with barbecue, cakes, face painting Etc. will be on Saturday September 28th 4-6pm. The Council is looking for volunteers to join a rota of people who will carry out regular play area safety checks, using an easy-to-use checklist; please let us know if this is something you could do for the community. The success of the Summer fete was acknowledged, with thanks to the organisers and we learned that there will be another next year. The Council liaised well with young people over The Dip project and we are considering ways to continue this relationship.

The Clerk also reported to the meeting communications that had been received in respect of plans and informal consultation from Bungay & District Sports Association to transform the pavilion on the Maltings site to a fully functional ‘Community Centre’. While the Council has not been involved in any of these plans, and noting that these are early days, the Council will be joining in the consultation process. We would welcome any views and opinions that readers may wish to share so that these can be included in the planning process.

With planning for the future very much in mind, the Chair outlined the need to consider its funding requirements over the next few years. Keeping in mind the Section 106 funds from The Maltings developer, Councillors were asked to develop this thinking further. The Chair asked Councillors to be mindful of the budget requirement for 2014-15, noting that at the next meeting (November) they will be asked to approve outline budgets for the next precept.

Full minutes of our meeting are posted on our web site and are available in the Post Office. Our next scheduled meeting is Monday 18th November. Please come! You can contact the Clerk, John Smith on Tel: 01986 892235, Email: [email protected]; details of other Councillors are available from the Council Notice Board outside the Post Office or the web site.

Julian Green
Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council

News (September, 2013)

New from the Council (September 2013). Published in the Parishioner Magazine


Thwaite Road Play Area
At the time of writing the Play Area improvements are nearly finished.  The contractors are waiting for parts to enable them to complete the work.  We want to thank the funders and all the people who have made this project possible; we shall do this at an official opening which will be arranged soon.

Other improvements: We hope you have noticed that we have refurbished some litter bins and benches (many thanks to Cllrs. Richard Mulley& Vic Cossey.) Several new litter bins, grit bins and dog waste bins have also been provided.

Village Fete:  Thanks and congratulations are due to Georgina Simmonds, and the other organisers, whose hard work was rewarded by the fete being so successful. It was good to see The Dip being used by so many local organisations and by individual members of the community. Already there is talk of another fete next year.

Villagers’ Wish List:  In the coming years the Council will receive funds from The Maltings developer, P J Livesey, through a scheme called Section 106. We have been consulting on ways to spend it. Among the popular ideas, so far, are additional benches and picnic tables for the village and another bus shelter or two. If you have ideas please get in touch with us.

The Council’s Clerk is retiring:  Elsewhere in “The Parishioner” you will see a personal note from John Smith announcing his retirement.  By December, John will be 86 years young and will have been Clerk for 56 years so we can’t really ask him to reconsider! He has been a key person in the governance, finance arrangements and practical work of the Council and he will be a very hard act to follow. On behalf of the whole community, we thank him for the diligent way (often behind the scenes) he has carried out his duties. People with questions, issues and problems, have for fifty plus years, been advised to, “contactJohn Smith,”and he’s always done his best to help.

We’ll be advertising for a new Clerk:  This will be a paid position that equates to about one day per week. While contract arrangements won’t be finalised until after our meeting in September,anyone wishing to have an informal chat about ‘what’s involved’ is welcome to contact the Chair on [email protected]

Casual Vacancy:We would like to thank Frank James,who resigned last month, for his active role on the Council. Following Frank’s resignation, there is now a vacancy on the Council. We are required by law to advertisethe vacancy for 21 daysand are currently doing so as this article goes to press. An election will be set up should 10 electors wish for one.In the eventthat an election is not required the Council may at its discretion co-opt a Councillor to complete its complement of 11 Councillors in total. This matter will also be discussed at our September meeting. Again, for an informal chat about ‘what’s involved’, please contact the Chair. Councillors are unpaid.

Our next scheduled meeting is Monday 16th September. Please come! More details are available from the web site, by contacting the Clerk, John Smith on Tel: 01986 892235, Email: [email protected]or from the Council Notice Board outside the Post Office.

Julian Green
Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council

Please note that these postings are the copy included in the Parishioner magazine. As no magazine is published in August… there is no News on these pages.

News (July, 2013)

 New from the Council (July 2013).  Published in the Parishioner Magazine



Street Furniture
As you know, Councillors are aware of the state of litter bins, dog waste bins, grit bins and benches in the village.  The limited amounts of money available currently have been diverted to make it possible to remedy the situation quickly. Some new bins are being provided; others are being refurbished or replaced.

And as sales progress at The Maltings development over the next few years, the Council will receive additional funding through a scheme called Section 106. Priorities for spending these funds will be decided in preparation for this and may include more benches, and a bus shelter (for the Loddon Road) will be considered as these funds are released.

The Annual Parish Meeting was held at the Village Hall on 20th May and attended by Councillors and seven members of the public, and the business conducted included the Chair and the separate Chairs of the advisory working parties reporting on activities throughout the year. Public participation saw a number of enquiries responded to by Councillors through the Chair.

This was followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting with 2 members of the public in attendance. Statutory business included the appointment of Chair and authorisation of the financial returns. With no other Councillors nominated, Councillors Green and Weston agreed to continue in their capacities as Chair and vice Chair for a further year. Draft minutes of both meetings are displayed in the Post Office and are posted on the Council’s web site https://ditchinghampc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk/ or alternatively available from the Clerk, John Smith on Tel: 01986 892235, Email: [email protected]

Our next meeting scheduled meeting is Monday 15th July. Please come!

The Council gets things done through using working parties. There are working parties for Planning & Highways; Maintenance and Environment; and Local Development & Community Planning. This ways of working ensures that Councillors now have specific and focussed responsibilities. Again more details are available from the web site, by contacting the Clerk, or from the Council Notice Board outside the Post Office.

 Julian Green
Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council


News (June, 2013)

New from the Council (June 2013). A Year’s Review. Published in the Parishioner Magazine

By the time that you read this, two significant opportunities for parishioners to influence local events, the Annual Parish Meeting, and the Annual Parish Council Meeting will have been held, and outcomes from these will be reported in July’s “Parishioner.” With a new Chair likely to be elected, as the retiring Chair, I take this opportunity to wish you well and to review the past year’s events.

The Dip: It is pleasing to see the Junior soccer goals installed by the Council in good use.  We are equally pleased to announce that work commences in May/ June on the construction of new skate board facilities and a youth shelter. This costly project was made possible entirely through grant funding; and the community should be grateful to Awards for All, our local Neighbourhood Board, NCC’s Community Construction Fund and the Norfolk Foundation for their support.  The Council extends its gratitude to those organisations and especially to Keith Weston and Jane Chadd, the Councillors who applied for the grants and who liaised with the young people.

Thwaite Road Play Area: Too soon to count our Chickens, we await the decision from the major funder (WREN) on our grant application for exciting updates to the play area. While only possible if the grant is awarded, this scheme costing some £39,000 is also supported by Ditchingham United Charities, South Norfolk, and this Council. We would like to thank all participants in our survey, and the subsequent ‘open morning’ that helped validate our preferred choice of scheme. The Council recorded its appreciation to those members whose sterling efforts drove this scheme forward.

Village maintenance: In addition to the larger green space that we maintain, (The Dip, Play Area, Churchyard and Cemetery etc.) the Council is aware of the poor state of repair of the smaller amenities that are its responsibilities (Litter and Dog bins, Benches and seats, Grit bins). Many of these amenities are now beyond their serviceable life or damaged beyond repair, and it is noted that many bins are either under-sized or inadequately emptied. The Council is seeking to address this unacceptable situation as soon as is practically possible.

The Precept: With a clear plan of action ahead, for the year (2013-14) the Council considered the challenges it faces, its existing maintenance liabilities; and potential new strategic goals. After some years of evident under-funding, at its November 2012 meeting it determined the precept to be £20,000. In round terms, with Ditchingham’s 1,630 residents (in 710 households), the 2013-14 precept equates to £0.24 per resident (£0.54 per household) per week. This relatively small sum enables your parish Council to carry out its duties for everyone’s benefit.

Ditchingham Maltings: After planning permission was granted in 2012 demolition activity was scheduled in accordance with the strict conditions of the Environment Agency (after the birds have nested and before the bats roost!)  Following a winter where little appears to have progressed, as the summer approaches (what summer we might ask?) it is encouraging to see that the contractors for PJ Livesey have now commenced work. This development will create 92 houses and 13 apartments.

Litter picking and Fly tipping: Some good news, and some not so good.  The good news is that we are pleased to announce that Ditchingham has ‘won’ the South Norfolk (Eastern Rivers) Big Litter Pick prize of £250. This event sponsored by SN, but organised locally was supported by some 30 local residents, who collected a full skip of litter and general rubbish. That’s good news, but it’s a shame that some members of the community seemingly chose to discard their rubbish for others to collect. It is also unwelcome news that there has been a significant number of instances of fly tipping (mattresses, tyres, and building rubble) in the village lanes. Both littering and fly tipping are a criminal offence and this Council welcomes the reporting, to enforcement agencies, of those culpable. So to everybody who helped, a very big thank you. Please see elsewhere in this magazine an insight into the ‘Big Litter Pick’ (some before & after images anyway!)

New Councillors: With the sad death of Peter Bent, Colin Mison was co-opted to the Council in May 2012; when Brian Pegg resigned we welcomed Gillian Ogden, similarly co-opted to the Council, in September 2012. Colin, a long time Ditchingham resident, has several years’ previous experience as a parish councillor; while Gillian, born and raised in Canada, moved to England in 1989 to study at UEA and has lived in Ditchingham since 2000.

Web Site: As reported last month, we are, at long last, pleased to announce that the Council has a ‘comprehensive’ web presence- https://ditchinghampc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk/  Primarily intended to keep parishioners informed of the Council’s activities, we endeavour to keep the content current but maintenance is generally limited to posting of minutes and agendas although you will also find contact details of Councillors, with a brief autobiography, information on our committees and our policies, our finances, and other ‘news.’

New ways of working: Last, but not least, we are pleased to announce that we have completed some of the ‘boring’ but all too necessary work on policies and procedures. This includes full Terms of Reference for our sub-committees and working parties to ensure efficiency and objectivity in our decision making processes. This information is published on our web site at https://ditchinghampc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk/files/2013/03/DPC_ToR_Draft08a1.pdf

Julian Green
Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council